"Andrea, you are going to teach my husband to do that? Oh my god!" Two sessions later: "You are my husband's hero. You have transformed our sex life." --Karyn B., age 53

"Andrea helped me to improve my skills in a very important area so that now I feel more confident as a lover. She provided information and ideas of things to try in a way that made approaching this topic easy and fun...and nowhere near as scary as I'd imagined! If you are thinking of taking a step to change things in your love life, I highly recommend seeking out help from Andrea." --Cathy C., age 32

"Coaching sessions with Andrea made me realize that I am unwilling to give up on a passionate connection with my wife. Lucy and I have always been good friends, but we had stopped being physically intimate for a variety of reasons. Andrea’s inspiration and guidance prompted us to follow the sacred path of learning Tantra together. Honestly, it has been challenging for both of us to learn new ways to relate to one another, but I assure you it’s worth it. We have more desire for one another –17 years into our relationship-- than ever before!” –Richard S., age 64

"Andrea is a warm and funny sex educator. I felt really comfortable laughing while learning."--Anastasha R., age 44

"A surprising amount of information was conveyed in depth in a very short period of time."--Erika T., age 52

"I've told all my girlfriends 'Go see her. Now!'" Carol B., age 57

"Andrea is the only one who has ever given me suggestions that my wife really appreciated!"--Stuart P., age 62.

"I'm glad I had a chance to learn this stuff now, so I have the rest of my life to enjoy it!" --Michael M., age 28.

"Pleasure beyond what I'd ever imagined!" --Tom F., age 58.

"Healing in so many ways..." --Jenny S., age 46.

"I didn't believe it was possible at my age to increase my pleasure, but I'm enjoying myself more --in my 70s-- than ever before." --Bill N., age 72.


"Andrea exemplifies the inventiveness that are the hallmarks of a North Star coach. She's a gifted, experienced entrepreneur who has reinvented herself with great success, and can help anyone in transition make the most of opportunities while skirting potential problems. Along with her general ability to help clients create their best lives, Andrea has a particular interest in helping individuals and couples develop a healthy and fulfilling sexuality. She's warm, funny, adventurous, and completely unafraid to tackle issues that are often ignored out of embarrassment or shame. Clients who sign on with Andrea can expect steady encouragement, wise advice, and a whole lot of fun." --Martha Beck, www.marthabeck.com